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Travel documents


The passport is the only reliable and accepted traveler identification document anywhere in the world, and it’s the proof that you have the right to return to your country.


Many countries, including Benin, require a visa to authorize entry or extended stays. Make sure you get a visa well before the trip.

Travel insurance

If you plan to travel abroad, even for a single day, you should take out the best travel insurance before leaving your country.

Your travel insurance should include health, life and disability insurance that will save you a lot of money, including hospital costs or medical treatment outside your country.

When you fly, the fact being insured in case of flight cancellation and trip interruption, as well as loss of luggage and replacement of documents, you will avoid major trouble and additional costs. It is your responsibility to check their validity date and renew them if necessary.

 Otherwise, you will have to pay any fees or fines that would be imposed on the ABS group by the authorities.

How to get a visa for your trip to Benin?

In order to promote tourism in Benin, the state of Benin has launched since April 23 a web platform that deals with visa applications for Benin as soon as possible.

Now, for your trip to Benin, it is possible to apply for an online visa and obtain the document by email in less than 48 hours if the application is accepted.

To do this, simply click on this link below which will redirect you to the '' e-visa Benin '' website


This service is intended for non-African nationals, the e-visa concerns any tourist or business stay


Minor travelers

Whether your child is traveling alone or with you, we recommend that you check the entry and residence formalities for minors at the Benin embassy or consulate in your country.


Note: If you are traveling with your child and you don’t have the same family name, take a family record book or a birth certificate that proves your affiliation.


Other way to get a Visa

The Beninese visa application must be submitted before departure. To get it, you must contact the Embassy / Consulate of Benin in your city, region or state.

Generally according to your country, thanks to the internet it is possible to find information about the various locations and embassies or consulate of Benin.

All information relating to the procedure, the formalities and the cost are available from embassies or consulates of Benin in your country.

Below is a link to give you information on the presence of the Benin embassy or consulate in your country, city or region.

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