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All the programs we offer are available and accessible at any time of the year.

Whether alone, with family, friends or that you form a colony we are ready to welcome you, to meet you and ensure you a pleasant stay safely.

It is also possible to welcome you for academic or research training.  

Now you can book and prepay your stay in Benin through our online payment service.

For this you just need to fill out a registration form, followed by the payment of the relative package to the selected program.

Registration for either stays programs in Benin are only taken into account after payment of the package of the selected program.


We propose to visitors who wish to volunteer through our organization the following fileds of intervention:

1- Health: Volunteering in the field of health is reserved to medical students and health professionals.
Volunteers depending on their field of specialization or professional level, can come to share their knowledge or assist in hospitals as an assistant or caregiver.


2- Education: Volunteering in the field of education is reserved for students or professionals in education.
Volunteers depending on their field of specialization or professional level in education can intervene in schools, training centers or any other social organization dedicated to education.

It will also be possible to organize various or varied activities.

3- Agriculture: Volunteering or volunteering in the field of agriculture is conditioned by the climatic seasons.
Depending on the season volunteers will be able to visit, live and participate in activities in our various farms or partner agricultural centers.

4- Musical Art: Volunteers according to the skill     that pertains to the musical instrument that they master will be able to collaborate with our partner social organizations that teach music, give music lessons according to a pre-established program.
It will also be possible to organize musical entertainment sessions to encourage young people to learn music.

5- African Culinary Art: here it is proposed to Volunteers a training program in African cuisine in General.
From the selection of ingredients in the local markets to the kitchen table, our volunteers will be able to experiment new culinary style while discovering new flavors.

Note: in order to better organize your stay and to offer you a quality service, the activities that fall under academic or university volunteer, are available under prior request. This must be sent to us for verification and confirmation of availability.

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