Program : Visit Benin from north to south, make good memories in 14 days.

Program Details

  • Day 1: Cotonou

Arrival, welcome and assistance with the formalities
Transfer and accommodation in the apartments (host foster home)
Dinner and presentation of the guide

  • Day 2: Cotonou / Porto-Novo

After breakfast, departure for Porto-Novo, Benin's political capital located at an hour's drive from Cotonou
Visit the Songhai Center
Visit the museum Honmè
Lunch at the Songhai project
Back in Cotonou
Afternoon relaxing at the beach
Accommodation in the guest home residence

  • Day 3: Cotonou / Ganvie

After breakfast departure for '' Ganvié '' the lakeside village
Lunch at the restaurant or at Fast Food
Afternoon relaxation in bab's dock's
Free dinner
Accommodation in the guest home residence

  • Day 4: Cotonou / Grand Popo

After breakfast, from Cotonou to Grand Popo
Installation at Coco Beach Hotel
Ride on the Mono river to the mouth (mouth of ROY)
Lunch at the restaurant or on the river
Visit the village Avlo
Discover the mangrove
Discovery of the bird island
Opportunity to participate in fishing with local residents
Free dinner
Accommodation in the guest home residence

  • Day 5: Grand Popo / Ouidah

After breakfast, from Grand Popo to Ouidah
Arrival in Ouidah
Visit the Temple of Pythons
Visit the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Ouidah
Runs the Slave Route
Lunch at restaurant
Visit the sacred forest Kpassè
Visit of the Portuguese fort
Departure for Ouidah Abomey
Arrival in Abomey night
Accommodation at the lodge at '' Monique ''

  • Day 6: Abomey / Bohicon

Visit the underground caves of Agongointo
Lunch at the papaya
Visit the Royal Palaces of Abomey
Tour of the city of Abomey
Free dinner
Accommodation at the lodge at '' Monique ''

  • Day 7: Abomey / Natitingou

After breakfast, departure for Abomey Natitingou (10 Road)
Arrival in Natitingou
Reception and transfer to hotel
Free dinner

  • Day 8: Natitingou

After breakfast, Discovering the city of Nanto
Visit the waterfall Kinabalu
Trip on the mountain at night
Free dinner
Evening relaxation
Hotel accommodation

  • Day 9: Natitingou / Boukombé

After breakfast, Departure for Natitingou Boukombé
Visit the village Somba
Audience with the village chief
Bike ride in the village (optional)
Folk dance show
Dinner and overnight under the stars

  • Day 10: Boukombé / Natitingou

After breakfast, Boukombé starting to Natitingou
Visit the center of development and social promotion '' Sergio Bertoldini ''
Visit agropastoral farm Pam - Pam
Accommodation at hotel

  • Day11: Natitingou / Pendjari

After breakfast, Departure from Natitingou for the National Park of Pendjari
Journey to the heart of the park with the opportunity to meet iconic animals of Africa
Free dinner
Hotel Accommodation Park

  • Days12: Pendjari / Natitingou

Back to Natitingou
After relaxing afternoon
Free dinner
Organization of an evening
Hotel accommodation

  • Day 13: Natitingou / Cotonou

Departure from Cotonou to Natitingou
Arrival in the evening
Free dinner
Evening relaxation

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