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In addition to tourism, the organization '' Alla Scoperta del Benin '' offers to all who are available and goodwill some volunteers stays.

To this end, it is now possible to discover Benin by taking part to social work, doing acts of charities or donations.

Benin is a small country in West Africa in the process of development. As a result, many organizations, both national and international, work in the social field by helping the underprivileged or assisting in the education of poor children in boarding schools, orphanages and other reception centers.

As part of your stay in Benin you can choose to participate in social work by volunteering through various activities organized by multiple associations, social centers and partner organizations.

The social centers and partner organizations are present in towns and villages of Benin.

The main social centers and partner organizations include:

The Social Promotion Development Center '' SERGIO BERTOLDINI ''

The Association Ami Presence Africaine (AAPA)

The Center for Instrumental Music and Liturgy (CMIL)

Arche de Noé Elementary School

Bethany's house (orphanage and reception center for disadvantaged children)

For visitors who want to socialize during their stay in Benin (volunteering, or charity)?

Depending on the program chosen, they will be able to participate in activities of animation in schools, reception centers for disadvantaged children, training and learning center and orphanage.

Organize sensitization workshops on various topics or even go directly to the poor family in neighborhoods and villages.

For those who come with various gifts, school supplies, toys, books and more, it will be possible to organize for them distribution sessions for these donations.

Alla Scoperta del Benin is committed to those who wish to put you in contact as close as possible to people and diverse cultures to allow you to soak up their way of life and customs.

 Part of the funds raised through our tourism will be used to support a number of social centers and partner organizations in carrying out their mission.

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