Alla Scoperta Del Benin

Alla Scoperta Del Benin is a participative tourism and social group that offers you its services in tourism in West Africa and more specifically in "Benin" through its web platform and social networks.
Benin is the ideal destination for your stay in Africa.
Indeed, worldwide recognized as the cradle of voodoo and many other authentic ancestral cults, Benin will make you dream of the rhythms and colors of Africa.
Visiting Benin will allow you to discover its cultural diversity, to meet and to go in contact with many ethnic groups and people while being leading witnesses of the cultural practices and lifestyles of these diverse peoples.
Throughout its biodiversity and its geographical position, from one end to the other of this small country you will be able to contemplate many reliefs and landscapes.
From sandy beaches to the mountains of the north of the country through the hills and the unique landscape of the Pendjari National Park this country will surprise you.

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